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Jun 27 at 3:26pm | 0 comments

Jun 27 at 3:22pm | 0 comments
Capturing how to reset your Thrive as I was unfamiliar with Android.

Jun 26 at 11:48pm | 0 comments
My ISP, on, turned me onto this site that shows how my sites respond.  It was very helpful to identify that my sites were getting pushed out of the application pool much quicker than expected.

Jun 26 at 11:46pm | 0 comments
I had a replaced my initial Toshiba Thrive with a second one within days (gave the first one to family) but my Google Play remembered the first one.  It wasn't obvious how to remove the initial device.

Jun 26 at 11:40pm | 0 comments
There are a few junk yards around me but there are times that they just don't have the vehicle or part I need.  I found this site that purportedly puts out my request to lots of yards.

Jun 26 at 11:14pm | 0 comments
Ms Publisher was driving me crazy with how it was hyphenating as I changed the size of the text box.  I use Ms Publisher infrequently and it wasn't intuitive as to how to alter this behavior.

Jun 26 at 11:06pm | 0 comments
There are times I need to do a quick search of ascii code that you can enter from the keyboard with the special symbols.  

Jun 26 at 3:12pm | 0 comments
After a recent MS patch (MS11-100), my apps started to experience an error on some pages.

Jun 12 at 3:45pm | 0 comments
On my Win7 box with Designer 5.7/ Business Works 5.9, I could not start the adapter tester.  I had just loaded this release.
Thanks to one of my co-workers (Vara), he showed me a quirky ODBC creation.

Jun 12 at 11:10am | 0 comments
After upgrading to TibcoDesigner 5.7 (BW 8.9), my jdbc connections failed.
When I'd test I'd get this message:
Configuration Test Failed. Failed to find or load the JDBC driver: