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Update March 2017:  Returning as it wasn't reliable. (see content for more details) 
I bought this on amazon but I am sure you can find elsewhere and cheaper ones on eBay.  At $86 it had a few features that worked for me.

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Summary of my remote key fob adventure.
Hopefully this will be helpful to someone, as it took me several weeks to wade thru all the information.

My need:
Hyundai Genesis sedan came with just one remote/key fob that I purchased from a private owner.
Average Hyundai dealer pricing around my area:
  • Remote 95440-3M100 $300
  • Programming $80
  • Emergency key blank 81999-3M020 and cutting: $100.

Spoiler: I found a remote with key blank for $100, programming for $60, Key cutting for $25.

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I haven't necessarily tried all these sites but wanted to keep a list handly.

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There are a few junk yards around me but there are times that they just don't have the vehicle or part I need.  I found this site that purportedly puts out my request to lots of yards.

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