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Dec 22 at 11:29am | 0 comments
Wanted to re-enable the hidden admin account.

Dec 22 at 10:34am | 0 comments
Yeah I know, why am I still on Vista ... I just don't look forward to finding all my original media to wipe the machine clean and reinstall. 
I've been having a ugly time with some windows updates (not all) failing to install. 

Dec 16 at 4:36pm | 0 comments
I wanted to extend my home network with better wifi signal coverage.  I didn't have any deadspots per se, but low signal quality in some parts of the house.

I already had a Linksys Wireless N router WRT150N and came across a very inexpensive Netgear Wireless router WNR2000v2.  
Despite Netgear's warning "NETGEAR does not recommend or support adding a NETGEAR router behind another router, or replacing a gateway with a NETGEAR router."  I found a way to do it.

Dec 13 at 11:25am | 0 comments
I have adobe acrobat 7.0 and found that it doesn't handle pdf charts/tables well when trying to convert to a word doc.  All the cells get put into odd columns

Dec 02 at 8:06am | 0 comments
I'm very familiar with Oracle and I'm trying to find the comparable code in SqlServer world.  I think I'm confusing myself with the need or not for SET XACT_ABORT ON or BEGIN TRAN or ...
Basically, I am putting a trigger on a base table  'mytable' that upon an insert or update on mytable, to copy two values to another table 'mynewtable'.  I believe I understand how to handle that aspect but want to add error handling such that if the trigger logic fails for whatever reason, I want the insert into the base table 'mytable' to commit regardless and we write a message to another table 'myerrortable'.
Trying to find any solutions on this was onerous.