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Apr 26 at 2:48pm | 0 comments
I still need to design for IE6 on my company intranet.  This looks just ugly when you have an image link

Apr 26 at 2:19pm | 0 comments
I have a little javascript routine to change the source of an image that works in FF and IE 7+ that doesn't work in IE6 which is still in heavy use for my company intranet.
On Page Load, this folder image is shown:
On Page Load Folder
When you click on it (using IE7+ and FF)
ImgSrc Changed on Click
But in IE 6 I get this:
No Folder Image

Apr 26 at 11:52am | 0 comments

Apr 26 at 11:20am | 0 comments
My webpage that closes one window to open another in full screen mode began to have this security warning after we moved off of IE6.
While not harmful, it was distracting and causes users some pause.

Apr 25 at 10:08am | 0 comments
Unfortunately I still need to create my intranet pages to not only work with IE8 and FF but also IE 6 as IE 6 is still in use within my company. I have found that my PNG image files all look great
except in IE6

Apr 22 at 11:33am | 0 comments
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