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When running the tibco tester locally, there are times that too many processes can spin up.  You can use the Test Engine User Args to limit the number of jobs.

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Steps to create a tibco connection to a JBOSS ems server.
We worked with a vendor that provided sample java code and from that discerned the various settings.

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Just capturing how to load and configure Tibco Designer for connections to oracle database.  

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This error showed up when I validate the project and when I clicked on go to resource, nothing happened and I didn't go anywhere

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Capturing this fix for SoapUI when calling a secured webservice.

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Creating a concrete WSDL from a secured webservice seems to take more steps.  

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I had used MS Visual Studio 2005 XSD editor to quickly create XSD schema documents from oracle tables for many of my tibco projects.
Now the company has loaded VS2008, I can't find that capability.
Lo and behold MS dumped it (jerks!)