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Nov 22 at 3:50pm | 0 comments
Running Win7 and everytime I plug in my iPhone, darn HP PhotoEssentials starts up looking for pictures.  I found how to turn off auto play for certain devices.

Nov 22 at 1:50pm | 0 comments
While changing the faucets on my bathroom vanity, there was a yellow stain under it that was caused by the plumber's putty that was used to seal the faucet base. The vanity top appears to be made of porcelain or maybe cultured marble as the sink is part of the top.

Nov 06 at 9:14pm | 0 comments
I had done my share of javascript popup windows and now CF provides a much simpler method.

It appears that the latest version of browsers ie7 and FF3 don't allow you to open up a window using javascript with no address bar.  The location = no doesn't work anymore  (reference1, reference2)

You can also use some other javascript libraries that seem like the job like iBox.

Nov 06 at 9:09pm | 0 comments
I haven't implemented these yet but wanted to capture some of the options

Nov 06 at 9:03pm | 0 comments
I had a company Blackberry for many years and really liked the option to have ringtones vibrate for 5-7 times and then ring so it would allow me to silence it if I had forgotten to go into silence mode.
This website allowed me to take the Dying Nokia ringtone and add some silence as a leader and save it as an iPhone ringtone.

Nov 06 at 8:39pm | 0 comments
This site had the best set of ringtones available that I could find for free.


Nov 06 at 8:34pm | 0 comments
Tried to find some good info on how to implement CF report builder as Adobe didn't provide much.
I found some good info here:

And found some help here:

Nov 06 at 8:22pm | 0 comments

The error occurred in D:\home\\wwwroot\Soccer\CSA\CCLoginUser.cfm: line 9

Element RECORDCOUNT is undefined in QUERYLOGIN.\

 <CFLOCK SCOPE="Session" TYPE="Exclusive" TIMEOUT="30">

Nov 06 at 8:20pm | 0 comments

Nov 06 at 8:09pm | 0 comments
<cfset currentPath = getCurrentTemplatePath()>
<cfset currentDirectory = getDirectoryFromPath(currentPath)>
<cfoutput>This directory is #currentDirectory#</cfoutput>