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Apr 26 at 2:48pm | 0 comments
I still need to design for IE6 on my company intranet.  This looks just ugly when you have an image link

Apr 26 at 2:19pm | 0 comments
I have a little javascript routine to change the source of an image that works in FF and IE 7+ that doesn't work in IE6 which is still in heavy use for my company intranet.
On Page Load, this folder image is shown:
On Page Load Folder
When you click on it (using IE7+ and FF)
ImgSrc Changed on Click
But in IE 6 I get this:
No Folder Image

Apr 25 at 10:08am | 0 comments
Unfortunately I still need to create my intranet pages to not only work with IE8 and FF but also IE 6 as IE 6 is still in use within my company. I have found that my PNG image files all look great
except in IE6