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Oh my goodness.  I finally took the plunge and opted to upgrade my Vista Ultimate Dell 9200 box to Win 7.  I had sooo many programs on it that I opted to do an upgrade versus a clean install.  Everything went well until we get to the step of 'Transferring files, settings, programs' and it just halted there at 40% for hours.
Thanks Heavens for the others that had similar issues and posted their resolution (Hint:  INTEL RAID drivers).  There were many people that said to do a clean install and use the Windows Easy Transfer but I wanted to keep my apps running.

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I had an old laser jet printer HP 2200 that I had discarded and while the printer was gone, windows update kept prompting me for an update to the driver.  I just wanted it to go away.

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I needed to install a program that may have had issues due to the virus checker.
It wasn't obvious to me how to temporarily turn it off

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Back in the xp days, your start menu was located in C:\Documents and Settings\MyName\Start Menu.  Now in windows 7 and Windows 2008, it is more obscure.

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Wanted to re-enable the hidden admin account.

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Running Win7 and everytime I plug in my iPhone, darn HP PhotoEssentials starts up looking for pictures.  I found how to turn off auto play for certain devices.