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Tibco Error [Database] AEADB-910007

Update (March 2015):
New win7 pc, new Tibco install, Designer 5.8 Business Works 5.11, loaded Tibco db_drivers_2.0.0_win
Now the tibco wire protocols for odbc are back in system32 and NOT SysWOW64

On my Win7 box with Designer 5.7/ Business Works 5.9, I could not start the adapter tester.
When I went into admin tools/ data sources odbc from the start menu to create my DSN I didn't see any Tibco drivers. Only a native oracle one.
Soooo ... I created an ODBC using the oracle client.
When I launched the adapter tester I got:
Developed with TIBCO Adapter SDK
Copyright TIBCO Software Inc., 1998-2009.
All rights reserved.

2012 Jun 12 11:50:47:237 GMT -4 TsOutBoundPub.TsOutBoundPub Error [Database] AEADB-910007

When my coworker looked at this error he quickly sought out the odbc administrator found in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
and when it launched,
all the tibco wire drivers were present.
Recreated my datasource and it all works.