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Dec 31 at 2:16pm | 0 comments
This happens to me repeatedly.  I am using Windows 10 Home.  I'll plug in my iPhone and iTunes will see it but not windows Explorer.   I am tired of reinstalling iTunes everytime.  Found a simpler solution for me

Nov 06 at 9:03pm | 0 comments
I had a company Blackberry for many years and really liked the option to have ringtones vibrate for 5-7 times and then ring so it would allow me to silence it if I had forgotten to go into silence mode.
This website allowed me to take the Dying Nokia ringtone and add some silence as a leader and save it as an iPhone ringtone.

Nov 06 at 8:39pm | 0 comments
This site had the best set of ringtones available that I could find for free.