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Resetting Thrive when you don't know the pin 

I recently purchased the Thrive and on the 3rd use was faced with a request for a Pin I did not set.  Went online to search for an answer and found no solutions to reset password or tablet when one couldn't get past the pin screen.  Well the wonderful tech at Toshiba gave me the answer and I want to share it with those who are in my position.


  1. Turn off tablet
  2. Press and hold the "+" on the volume key
  3. While continuing to hold the "+" volume key, press and hold the power button
  4. Tablet will start (and let go of both buttons at this time) and will give your 3 Icons.  Using the volume key, select the middle Icon of the box with the arrow coming out of it.  The power button is used as the "enter" key
  5. On the next screen, arrow down to the wipe data/user info clean and factory default and hit the power button.  PLEASE NOTE, THIS WILL WIPE OUT ALL SETTINGS AND INFORMATION YOU HAD ON THE TABLET.
  6. On the next screen, select Yes for wiping all info and restore to factory.
  7. Once this is done, select reboot and you will be brought to the initial set up.

The factory reset was not a big deal to me since I had not stored any data on it.  Back up to all data, whether it is on the tablet, laptop or PC is always recommended should you ever have to take such drastic steps to access your tablet without having to ship it back or take it to a shop for reset.