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Sep 18 at 10:59am | 0 comments
Had a need to replicate some logic used in Oracle into an Access db.  The oracle DUAL table is very handy.  I found this article on creating a hidden dual table.  It looked interesting but I didn't fully vet it.

Sep 15 at 5:10pm | 0 comments
I just have the hardest time trying to find 'time format' for MsAccess.  So I'm capturing the link and info here.

Sep 10 at 11:17am | 0 comments
I had a web hosting service for ColdFusion that was seemingly running slower and slower and slower.  I needed a way to validate what I was seeing.
After running SpeedTest on my current hosting, it took 40-50 seconds to return.  I later determined that this was on a shared hosting service using CF8 and W2003 ( )
I've since moved off that service and I'm on CF9 and w2008  ( ) and that same SpeedTest returned in under a second.

Sep 10 at 11:08am | 0 comments
Found a way to call Ms Access queries from Cold Fusion.  Sometimes I don't have an option and have a MsAccess db backend.  One benefit to calling a query via a stored procedure is that my code is more modular and reuse. 

Sep 10 at 11:01am | 0 comments
Found this article on what you need to install for some shared windows hosted sites that give you the ability to access IIS manager remotely