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Resetting Thrive to Factory settings when PIN is known

Toshiba Thrive hard reset

Factory data reset AT105
This restores the device to the out of box state. All data on the device is erased, including system/application settings, user
downloaded/installed applications and data such as photos, music, videos, contacts, etc.
The recovery process deletes all data, restoring the tablet to its out-of-box state. Be sure to save your data to external media before executing the recovery.

Before restoring the device to the out of box state, back up all data to external media. You can use your Googleâ„¢ account to back up all data and apps settings.

To perform this process:

1 Touch the Apps icon. The Apps menu appears.
2 Swipe to the second screen, and touch the Settings icon. The Settings menu appears.
3 Touch the Privacy icon. The Privacy menu appears.
4 Touch Factory data reset.
5 Touch Reset tablet.
6 Touch Erase everything.