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Aug 08 at 9:20am | 0 comments
Back in the xp days, your start menu was located in C:\Documents and Settings\MyName\Start Menu.  Now in windows 7 and Windows 2008, it is more obscure.

Dec 22 at 11:29am | 0 comments
Wanted to re-enable the hidden admin account.

Dec 22 at 10:34am | 0 comments
Yeah I know, why am I still on Vista ... I just don't look forward to finding all my original media to wipe the machine clean and reinstall. 
I've been having a ugly time with some windows updates (not all) failing to install. 

Jul 31 at 2:32pm | 0 comments
This was an interesting app that I saw on ZDNET  
It seems to be more robust that task manager.

May 16 at 1:31am | 0 comments
Ughh what an ugly issue on MS Vista. This error reared its head over a year ago and never have been to resolve it completely.
I think that I found one possible workaround that works for me: Disable Carbonite.

Update: Sadly disabling Carbonite didn't always work.
I believe that the issue is with the windows installer. I had another issue and got a HotFix from Microsoft. See Windows Installer Failure Blog Entry