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Jul 31 at 2:32pm | 0 comments
This was an interesting app that I saw on ZDNET  
It seems to be more robust that task manager.

Jul 31 at 2:21pm | 0 comments
Every once in a while it appears that my home email client using Ms Outlook 2007 doesn't have all the emails in the inbox.  At first I attributed it to my mail server having troubles with me syncing to other email clients like my iPod touch but all these other clients are set to leave the message on the server.  Today I was searching for a message using Copernic desktop search and I could see a message in there but not in Outlook no matter how many times I restarted Outlook.

Jul 12 at 10:43am | 0 comments
I've used some paid services like MS LiveMeeting, WebEx at work but needed to find some free options to support our non profit club.
Initially I used TeamViewer which works well but when I explored pricing for a non profit to expand its use, it was a no-go.  I think was shown another free service Join.Me

Jul 03 at 8:03pm | 0 comments
I needed to put some 'Exit signs' on a set of directions I was creating.  I came across this website that provided an online and downloadable version to create exit signs.  Pretty well done app.

Jul 01 at 2:43pm | 0 comments
I use CodeCharge from YesSoftware pretty regularly as a quick way to create web pages. But the company seems to have hit hard times as the last update was in early 2010. I saw this one post on the codecharge forum about someone going to use Morfik.