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Jun 30 at 12:41pm | 0 comments
I had a heck of a time trying to find this on my new W2008 boxes.
I stumbled across this info as to how to do it

Jun 17 at 5:04pm | 0 comments

I like SnagIT but I also need some freeware that can do some simple screen captures.  I stumbled across PicPick

Jun 17 at 2:08pm | 0 comments
Another IE gotcha on my Javascript.  I have document.all syntax strewn around and now that Firefox has been introduced to our intranet, stuff is not working ...

Jun 17 at 2:05pm | 0 comments
I build most of my web apps for IE as they are in the corporate intranet.  For better and worse, Firefox has been introduced and now some of my javascript is ailing.  I just ran into an issue that innerText is not supported by Firefox

Jun 07 at 11:25am | 0 comments
One of my Insite Creation CMS websites started failing with 'Connection Resets' whenever you tried to edit some of the pages.  Not all pages but some of them.

Jun 02 at 6:01pm | 0 comments
Really liking these mini USB wireless LAN connections for my PCs that don't have wireless ...

Jun 02 at 3:41pm | 0 comments
Coming from an Oracle world, a NULL and '' are evaluated the same by null functions.  Not true with SqlServer based on my searches ...

Jun 02 at 3:09pm | 0 comments
I have a sub $100 chair at my home office and I can't sit on it for longer than a few hours. Contrarily, my work office chair is great but after a quick search the $$ is too much.

Jun 02 at 2:57pm | 0 comments
Extending my knowledge on SqlServer.  I had a need to log the number of rows I was manipulating and found this article ...

Jun 02 at 11:33am | 0 comments
I really wish that there was a standard XPath function to return just unique values.  Here's how I attacked the problem ...