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I just upgraded my Vista box to Win 7 and I can't seem to fully remove all of the HP solution center software for my HP office jet 7410.  When I try to reinstall the software from HP support, it fails somewhere along the install.  I'm thinking there is still some garbage hanging around that I need to clean out.

Jan 01 at 12:15pm | 0 comments
What a irritating change apple did to iTunes.  Lots of confusion.

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I have adobe acrobat 7.0 and found that it doesn't handle pdf charts/tables well when trying to convert to a word doc.  All the cells get put into odd columns

Jul 12 at 10:43am | 0 comments
I've used some paid services like MS LiveMeeting, WebEx at work but needed to find some free options to support our non profit club.
Initially I used TeamViewer which works well but when I explored pricing for a non profit to expand its use, it was a no-go.  I think was shown another free service Join.Me

Jul 03 at 8:03pm | 0 comments
I needed to put some 'Exit signs' on a set of directions I was creating.  I came across this website that provided an online and downloadable version to create exit signs.  Pretty well done app.

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