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Nov 22 at 1:50pm | 0 comments
While changing the faucets on my bathroom vanity, there was a yellow stain under it that was caused by the plumber's putty that was used to seal the faucet base. The vanity top appears to be made of porcelain or maybe cultured marble as the sink is part of the top.

Jun 02 at 11:33am | 0 comments
I really wish that there was a standard XPath function to return just unique values.  Here's how I attacked the problem ...

May 05 at 12:24pm | 0 comments
Struggled for a little while to find out the right configuration on the Plantronics headset to operate with the IP phone.
Stumbled across a thread in a Plantronics forum

Jul 03 at 8:03pm | 0 comments
I needed to put some 'Exit signs' on a set of directions I was creating.  I came across this website that provided an online and downloadable version to create exit signs.  Pretty well done app.

May 05 at 12:50pm | 0 comments
We are migrating away from TNSNAMES.ORA for oracle database resolution to LDAP servers.  Here is how to configure them.

Aug 17 at 3:12pm | 0 comments
After building an initial database adapter, I could not get it to work and got this error while running it locally on the adapter tester:
ActiveDatabaseAdapterConfiguration.ActiveDatabaseAdapterConfiguration Error [Database] AEADB-100004
                DBError: Database driver code: HYC00
                Database server code: 0
                Database driver message: [tibcosoftwareinc][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver]Optional feature not implemented.

Spoiler alert:  Need to change the database field type on adb_timestamp from timestamp(6) with time zone to just an oracle date field

Jun 12 at 11:10am | 0 comments
After upgrading to TibcoDesigner 5.7 (BW 8.9), my jdbc connections failed.
When I'd test I'd get this message:
Configuration Test Failed. Failed to find or load the JDBC driver:

Oct 20 at 8:56am | 0 comments

Jun 12 at 3:45pm | 0 comments
On my Win7 box with Designer 5.7/ Business Works 5.9, I could not start the adapter tester.  I had just loaded this release.
Thanks to one of my co-workers (Vara), he showed me a quirky ODBC creation.

Nov 06 at 9:14pm | 0 comments
I had done my share of javascript popup windows and now CF provides a much simpler method.

It appears that the latest version of browsers ie7 and FF3 don't allow you to open up a window using javascript with no address bar.  The location = no doesn't work anymore  (reference1, reference2)

You can also use some other javascript libraries that seem like the job like iBox.