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Creating ColdFusion Data Source for Oracle DB via LDAP

Don't forget that I believe you also need to make sure that you have the class path for the oracle client driver (see prior blog entry on Java classes)
Found the basic syntax at: 
  • For my environment, I grabbed the ldap server info (name, port, context) from SqlDeveloper.
  • JDBC URL:  jdbc:oracle:thin:@ldap://<server>:1389/<sid>,cn=OracleContext,dc=<mycompany>,dc=com
  • driver class:  oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
Table 3-3 Supported Database Specifiers
Specifier Supported Drivers Example
Oracle Net connection descriptor Thin, OCI Thin, using an address list:

OCI, using a cluster:

Thin-style service name Thin See "Thin-style Service Name Syntax" for details.
LDAP syntax Thin
or, when using SSL (see Note):
Bequeath connection OCI Empty -- nothing after database name
TNSNames alias OCI See "TNSNames Alias Syntax" for details.