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how to contact NCL for account issues

My account name got hosed somehow for my NCL account.   A random nonsensical middle name was added 'Nann'.   I emailed guest services and heard nothing back.   I called main number 866-234-7350 and asked for existing reservation and they said they could not change it and not to worry about it unless NCL book the flight.  Otherwise it is $150 to do a name change.   So I found another number from Contact Us ( and scrolled down to technical support and called 305.468.2200.  They quickly understood and found that under my name had nearly a dozen accounts and needed to merge them and remove the middle name.   Took about 5 minutes.  Excellent job by NCL.   The multiple accounts get created by sloppy lazy Travel consultants (ncl and 3rd party) that don't use your latitudes number to look up your name and they just randomly create another account.