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Cruising WiFi minutes conservation

From a Facebook post in Norwegian Escape Cruise Info private group on how to not burn up your free at sea WiFi minutes.
One of the replies:

Eric Cable
Ok.. I've been on four NCL cruises this year and will board my fifth tomorrow so get ready for the correct answer. 1) put your phone on airplane mode. 2) turn on wifi. 3) tell your phone to connect to the wifi with the ship's name 4) the NCL app will now be fully functional without using your FAS minutes. 5) to use your minutes to connect to anything other than the NCL app, open your browser (chrome on Android, Safari on Apple) and go to LOGIN dot com. 6) follow the onscreen instructions. 7) open whatever app you want to use. 😎 when you're done, go to LOGOUT dot com. If you forget to log out, it will burn-up all your minutes and you'll be screwed. Note that video services such as Netflix, YouTube, and TikTok will NOT work unless you buy the most expensive unlimited plan. Also note if you want to communicate with others on the ship, everyone involved will need to pay a once per cruise fee of $10 and then you can send messages within the NCL app withOUT using your minutes.
Dan Blake Eric Cable People with Apple phone can text other Apple phones without having to pay the $10 fee or having to LOGIN