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Carbonite backup file types

I had a problem with Carbonite excluding certain file types (.iso, .exe, ...) so my backup wasn't complete.  Now they tell you they exclude them and I wasn't sure how to get them added.   I found information from this newsletter prepared by   Practical Computer Advice
from Martin Kadansky:
To include a file in your Carbonite backup, and also include all other files of that same type:
  • Right-click on the excluded file.
  • In the menu that appears, click "Properties."
  • In the "Properties" window that appears, click the "Carbonite" tab.
  • Click to turn on the "Back up" checkbox to back up this file.
  • Click to turn on the "Back up files of this type (within folders selected for backup)" checkbox if you also want to back up all other files of this same type in other folders.
If there is no "Carbonite" tab in the Properties window, then that file is in an excluded folder.

Notice that in order to tell Carbonite to include all files of a given normally-excluded file type, you have to first find (or create) a file of that type.

If you use a program that stores its data in an unusual folder, i.e., one that is not inside one of the regular user folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc.), be sure to include that folder in your review process.